Scenario: You are researching a business development idea for your company. The project should apply IT technology to your company processes to improve your business. Suggested IT business development ideas include implementing an eCommerce solution for a commercial or consumer website, a customer relationship sales/support system (CRM), or collaboration technology to improve company and customer communication and information flow. The first step in creating a high-level Information Technology (IT) project plan is to develop a project proposal summary of your IT project in the context of your business proposal. The project proposal summary is intended to describe high-level elements of the project. The project proposal summary is a working document, which is expected to change over time during the course as new project details emerge. Your audience for this document is your organization’s board of directors, and you are seeking their approval.

THIS IS THE IDEA —–> I would like to set up an E-commerce website for a custom quilt / blanket making business where business transactions are conducted directly between a company and consumers who purchased my products. I would like to set up an online purchasing website where it will allow the customer to design, place and track their order. Ultimately, it will ensure a solid customer database, keep track of them, and help to build a bigger and better site based upon their growing feedback.

Create a project proposal summary in a maximum of 900 words that includes the following information regarding your chosen enterprise, described in a short paragraph of 2 to 4 sentences per bullet:

  1. A brief description of your proposed IT project (What are you planning to do?)
  2. A description of the business reason for the project (Why do you want to do it?)
  3. How does executing this project make your company better/different/special?(Differentiation)
  4. What is the competition doing to solve this problem or add this capability?
  5. Explain the consequences if the project is not performed. (What if we don’t do it?)
  6. What is the approximate budget, return on investment (ROI), and schedule? If possible, include a brief description of potential risks.
  7. Ask the board for approval for a specific amount by a certain date.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

Hint – use these bullet points to outline the paper and then fill in each section to be sure you don’t miss anything, and to make it clear to me. Using these sections will read better rather than one big run-on paper.

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