NR228 Nutrition

Discussion: Diet and Lab ValuesEbook attached below: Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications: A Nursing Approach 7th EditionDiet and Lab ValuesProteins have many functions within our bodies. List the functions, and explain why proteins are crucial to growth and maintenance.Why are the protein diets of children different from adults?Mark, a single father of a 2-year-old son, Jacob, stops every morning at a local fast food restaurant to pick up breakfast for himself and his son on their way to daycare. Mark says, ?I don?t have time to cook in the mornings, and I can?t feed Jacob anything I would ever make at home any cheaper than this! Besides, he really loves these sausage and egg sandwiches, and at least I can get him to eat them!? Mark has a family history of diabetes, as well as hyper- lipidemia. At his next physical, Mark learns that his lipid panel is as follows: total cholesterol 245 mg/dl, LDL 180 mg/dl, and HDL 35 mg/dl.What is the significance of this blood work?What should his lipid profile look like, and as the nurse in Mark?s physician?s office, how would ÿyoueducate him?APA format (6th ed.) and is free of errorsGrammar and mechanics are free of errors free of PlagiarismReferences: Use your book, the outside source must be within the last 5 yrs, Scholarly Article or Nurse journals within the last 5 yrsType out the questions and respond to the question in APA format with citation and very detailed responses

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