NU500-8B discussion

Unit 2 DiscussionConcept AnalysisIt is anticipated that the initial discussion response should be in the range of 250-300 words and a minimum of 2 scholarly ressources.Please complete the following steps for your initial discussion post:Go to the library nursing database CINAHL and search for a “Concept Analysis” article on a concept of interest and discuss the following:Briefly, describe the method of Concept Analysis used for this article (ex. Walker and Avant, Rodgers, Meleis, etc.)Discuss the author’s aim and purpose for doing the concept analysis on this topic.Describe the defining attributes of the concept examined.What are the benefits of completing a Concept Analysis for nursing theory development, research, and nursing practice?  How can defining nursing concepts strengthen nursing as a profession?Attach the Concept Analysis article to your initial discussion post.

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