Theory, Research, and PracticeA library search for a nursing research article using a grand or middle-range theory resulted in identifying the article by Schoenhofer et al. (2019). The nursing theory guided the report will be explained as follows, after providing an overview of the research article. The research article by Schoenhofer et al. (2019) had the topic of using robots for nursing practice in a care-centered and value-sensitive design. The researchers developed a theoretical framework for a novel middle-range theory and analyzed its congruence and dissonance. The article was based on the “Nursing as Care” (NAC) theory which is an extant grand theory of nursing (Dyess et al., 2010).These frameworks & models can be used to strengthen the practice of nursing by guiding research that leads to evidence-based practice. Research has been considered to be the foundation for evidence-based practice and it is considered to be an essential element of implementation science. Implementation science in nursing uses established theories like middle-range and grand theories to conceptualize a framework for research. The findings of the research can then be used for guiding practice. A theoretical framework provides the basis for an efficient research model. A well-conceptualized study has greater trustworthiness and credibility. The results of such a study are also expected to have a greater impact on guiding the personal practice of nurses across the board.In my professional practice, I have observed the development of new evidence-based practices based on research on problems of clinical significance. For example, in my personal experience, I saw the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence-based sanitization protocols were enforced in my unit once findings of research about viral disinfection were available. The research guiding such a practice was based on strong theories that resulted in their success to find way to implementation.

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