Nursing 100

Apply the ANA Code of EthicsPlease choose one of the following for your initial posting. Please remember to choose the ethical provision you believe would address the issue and remember your citations.Dilemma #1:  The student nurse is completing the preceptorship at the local hospital and cares for a young adult patient for the three nights she and her preceptor are on duty.  On the last night for the week, while she is talking to the patient about a planned discharge, the patient asks the student to be friends on face book.  What should the student nurse do?Dilemma #2:  A group of senior students have been attending nursing school together since the beginning and are friends with one another on social media.  After a particularly tough day at clinical, one of the students begins to rant about the instructor, the clinical site, and the dreadful patient assignment the student had.  The student even names the nurse assigned to the patient and the name of the hospital.  What should the fellow students do who are classmates and on this social media site with this student?

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