Part 1. Consumer health informatics (CHI) is a field within health informatics devoted to the consumer, or patient view. It involves computer literacy, health literacy, e-literacy, and digital literacy. CHI focuses on the information structures and processes that empower consumers to manage their own health. CHI also plays a role in healthcare reform because it improves patient engagement and shared decision-making. Patient engagement is contingent upon consumers’ ability to access, understand, and manage their personal health care information.Explain how health literacy and eHealth literacy support CHI.Explain the concepts of information literacy, computer literacy, and digital literacy. Why is it important to determine these competencies in patients during patient education? How do these competencies help bridge the digital divide? What are some barriers to closing this divide?Discuss the issues or barriers related to the successful adoption and use of CHI.Part 2. The number of websites and resources on the Internet is ever increasing. Healthcare professionals must possess the skills to critically evaluate information and guide healthcare consumers to accurate information sources. It is also important for BSN nursing students to be able to identify credible sources!Discuss the attributes of quality information as noted in our textbook in Chapter 18 and the video below. Explain why these attributes are important in supporting evidence-based nursing practice and for patients/consumers regarding CHI.Identify ways to evaluate online health information and the credibility of websites and articles.

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