nursing assignment

This assignment is due next week Tuesday before classes.Case Study, Chapter 15, Organization of the Human BodyTeresa Tartre arrives in your clinic complaining of pain in the epigastric region. She has not been feeling well for the past two days and can barely keep anything in her stomach.1. In what quadrant(s) is the epigastric region found?2. What organs are found in the epigastric region?3. How does Teresa’s inability to process food affect the homeostasis of her body systems?Case Study, Chapter 16, The Integumentary SystemMs. Torri, a 56-year-old African-American female, is scheduled for her yearly physical examination. Upon arrival to the health provider’s office, the nurse notices that she is extremely anxious. The nurse asks Ms. Torri if she can describe any health changes which have occurred since her last office visit last year. Ms. Torri timidly shares with the nurse that she has noticed very dry scaly skin over the last 10 months. She goes on to state that she is very concerned about what appears to be white patches developing on her arm as well. When asked about any additional changes, Ms. Torri hesitantly shares that she has been developing coarse facial hair since her last visit.1. Describe the relationship between the changes Ms. Torri has noticed in the last year and normal aging.2. How should the nurse explain the function of keratin and melanin relative to Ms. Torri’s health-related changes?3. What nursing implications would be appropriate for Ms. Torri based on her behavior and recent physical changes?

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