nursing db_ar weeks 2-3

Please separate each questions answer so: Question 1: answer and references, Question 2: answer and references250-300 WORDS 2 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES (PREFER NURSING JOURNALS-ALL WITHIN 5 YEARS) EACH QUESTION. APA FORMAT, INTEXT CITATIONS ARE REQUIRED-REFERENCES MUST MATCH IN TEXT CITATIONS AND VICE-VERSA!! The bulk of a posting or assignment needs to be original thought (at least 75%) supported by a reference.Question 1:After reviewing the resources in the Weekly Guide/Week 2, identify a clinical problem within the nurse’s practice setting related to patient care. Develop a research question utilizing the PICO format (SEE ATTACHED). Determine how the research question could guide the nurse’s search of the literature to address the issue to implement a change in practice. Explain the benefits to interprofessional research collaboration to improve patient health outcomes.PICO (T) Information: 2:Define and explain the significance quantitative research methodology. Discuss the different types of quantitative research design. Identify and describe a minimum of two types of sampling techniques used in quantitative research. Describe methods for collecting data for quantitative research.

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