Nursing Research, and Primary Care (Due 24 hours)

1) Minimum 7 full pages (Follow the 3 x 3 rule: minimum three paragraphs per part)Part 1: Minimum 1 pagePart 2: minimum 1 pagePart 3: minimum 1 pagePart 4: minimum 1 pagePart 5: minimum 3 pagesSubmit 1 document per part2)¨******APA normsAll paragraphs must be narrative and cited in the text- each paragraphsBulleted responses are not acceptedDont write in the first personDont copy and pase the questions.Answer the question objectively, do not make introductions to your answers, answer it when you start the paragraphSubmit 1 document per part3)****************************** It will be verified by Turnitin (Identify the percentage of exact match of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)********************************It will be verified by SafeAssign (Identify the percentage of similarity of writing with any other resource on the internet and academic sources, including universities and data banks)4) Minimum 3 references per part not older than 5 years5) Identify your answer with the numbers, according to the question. Start your answer on the same line, not the nextExample:Q 1. Nursing is XXXXXQ 2. Health is XXXX6) You must name the files according to the part you are answering:Example:Part 1.docPart 2.doc__________________________________________________________________________________Part 1: Nursing ResearchResearch topic: Childhood obesity1. What type of research topic would be of interest to you?2. Elaborate on factors that motivated you and what are you seeking?Part 2: Nursing Research 2Qualitative data has been described as voluminous and sometimes overwhelming to the researcher.1. Discuss two strategies that would help a researcher manage and organize the data.Part 3: Nursing Research 3The three types of qualitative research are phenomenological, grounded theory, and ethnographic research.1. Compare the differences and similarities between two of the three types of qualitative studies2. give an example of each one.Part 4: Nursing Research 4Topic: Middle-aged, type 2 diabetes, and medicationPicot Question:In adults with diabetes mellitus, how does physical exercise compare with healthy dietary patterns in establishing glycemic control?Review the two attached articles (Article 1 and 2) based on these articles, in the form of an Essay develop each of the following points. Use headings.1. Background of Studya. Summary of studies. Include problem, significance to nursing, purpose, objective, and research question.2. How do these two articles support the nurse practice issue you chose?a. Discuss how these two articles will be used to answer your PICOT question.b. Describe how the interventions and comparison groups in the articles compare to those identified in your PICOT question.3. Method of Study:a. State the methods of the two articles you are comparing and describe how they are different.b. Consider the methods you identified in your chosen articles and state one benefit and one limitation of each method.4. Results of Studya. Summarize the key findings of each study in one or two comprehensive paragraphs.b. What are the implications of the two studies in nursing practice?5. Ethical Considerationsa. Discuss two ethical consideration in conducting research.b. Describe how the researchers in the two articles you choose took these ethical considerations into account while performing their research.Part 5: Primary CareTopic: Anxiety and DepressionCommon mental health problems such as depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder, and social phobia may affect up to 15% of the population at any one time. The severity of symptoms experienced will vary considerably, but all of these conditions can be associated with significant long-term disability. Good communication skills including active listening are key components for building a trusting relationship with patients, for example through demonstrating empathy, by making eye contact and explaining and talking through diagnoses, symptom profiles, and possible treatment options. The evidence base shows that adopting a collaborative approach with patients can help facilitate a greater engagement from them in any resulting treatments.Jerome is a 35-year-old welder who lives with his partner and two children aged 3 and 5 years. Jerome has come to see you at your primary care clinic as he is feeling tired all the time. Medical history Jerome has a history of anxiety and depression. He joined your clinic as a patient 5 years ago, at which time he was taking sertraline for moderately severe depression and associated panic attacks. This was prescribed by his previous provider. The sertraline was effective and Jerome stopped taking the medication after 6 months of treatment. He has not returned to the clinic since that time. Jerome is otherwise physically fit and well and is not prescribed any medication. On examination, Jerome describes a lack of drive and energy for the past six weeks. He feels stressed at having to face his job, but is still going to work. Jerome admits trying to cope with disrupted sleep patterns by drinking more alcohol than usual. He is now drinking 3 bottles of beer every night instead of only twice per week as he used to. His physical examination is normal but he appears to be sad and apathetic.1. What will be your approach to addressing Jerome’s anxiety and depression?2. What assessment and screening tools will you use to support your diagnosis?3. What might be the physiological causes of Jerome’s anxiety and depression?4. Does Jerome fit into a DSM-5 category/classification?5. What is your plan of care for Jerome? Please support with up-to-date evidence-based standard of care guidelines.

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