PART IIData Assessment and Reflection: Once you have completed the interview, review and analyze your subject’s information using course resources (documentaries, ATI Nutrition for Nursing book, class discussions, articles, websites, online resources you have located) and the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans on the website: (The “executive summary” and “recommendations at a glance” documents are good places to start:

Compare your subject’s food intake and eating habits to what you are learning regarding guidelines for healthy eating. How is his/her intake of whole grains, fruits, vegetables? Do they consume adequate protein sources? What about fat, sugar, and salt? Review their intake of major vitamins, minerals, electrolytes (consult chapter 1 of ATI Nutrition for Nursing). Summarize your findings from the interview. Include the strengths and areas for improvement for your subject’s food/drink consumption. What potential barriers to healthy eating do you think your subject might face?

Lastly, reflect on the process of the interview. Use the following questions/prompts as your guide:

o What interpersonal communication/interviewing techniques did you use for the interview? Explain how and why you used each technique, and at what point in the interview process.

o What were your strengths as an interviewer? In what ways could you improve your techniques?

o How did you feel about collecting this data in the form of an interview?Discuss any challenges you faced in gathering accurate and complete data (or just in general) while interviewing this particular person. If you didn’t face any challenges, what challenges do you think a nurse might encounter when interviewing a person regarding their food intake and eating habits?

This entire section (data assessment and reflection) should be approximately 2-3 pages, double-spaced. Follow APA guidelines (7th edition) for the title page, writing style, and reference page. Your reference page will include all the resources you have used to complete your work for this section. A minimum of two sources is required for part II.

PART IIIIntervention

Using the knowledge you acquired from Part II, create an originalteaching intervention specifically for your interview subject. This could take the form of a poster, information sheet, video, PowerPoint, brochure, etc. The content should focus on the areas needed for nutrition improvement, based on your assessment. This teaching intervention could be used to educate and support the individual to correct deficiencies or, if they have an excellent diet,improve on positive practices. The education should clearly communicate the intended outcome. Your work can be formatted however you wish, but it must be specific to the person you interviewed and their particular needs. Make it informative, easy to follow, and interesting to look at (graphics, pictures, etc. are suggested).

Include at least two web or print resources that your subject could consult for more information. This can be added right on your actual work.

Be sure and cite the sources of your information for the project. A minimum of two sources is required APA 7th edition citation

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