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Project Initiating Assignment D


An important stage in Project Initiation involves making some decisions about your project, developing a description of your project, and listing some important information about your project, all of which are included in something called a project charter. This is as rather substantial document, and will take some time to develop. It should be professional in appearance, and cover the areas discussed below.

You have been asked to identify and select a project from several potential options. To do this you will need to:

1.You now need to decide which project to choose. The inventory and analysis you did for Assignments 1 and 2 should help you to make this decision.

2.Develop your project charter. Typical parts of a project charter might include:

– Project Name

– Project Sponsor

– Assigned Project Manager (You may want to designate some initial roles for your group members)

– Project Team Members (and their role in the project)

– Statement of purpose (i.e. overarching goals, including what project you are focusing on)

– Statement of objectives (i.e. specific high level project deliverables)

– Stakeholders (who they are, and what they expect from the project)

– A basic statement of how the team will approach the work

– Authorized project resources (i.e. people, budget – in your case budget may be based on hours, and you can assign a base rate to all of your work)

– Equipment and Technology you are going to use

– Basic project timeline (which can be substantially refined in the project plan to follow)

The items listed above are the minimum contents that should be in your project charter.  I suggest you use a Project Charter template. You can find the one from the textbook at the textbook author’s website.


·This deliverable should contain:

  • An opening paragraph telling what the document contains

b. The major elements of the project charter, as described above.

c. In an appendix, include:

  • Assignments 1 & 2 as appendices.

·Upload your Project Charter to the Assignment 4 Dropbox (see the Assignment Dropboxes link in the navigation menu on the left).

Note: The grade for this assignment is based on both content and professional appearance (title page, table of content, headings, format) of the submitted document.

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