Order 1536977: Nursing Careers

  • Type of paperResearch Paper
  • SubjectHealthcare
  • Number of pages3
  • Format of citationMLA
  • Number of cited resources5
  • Type of serviceWriting

I want to be an Emergency Room/ ICU traveling nurse

English 112 – Researched Essay Based on your Major/Future Career

Length: 750-1000 words.

Sources: 5 or more w/quotes and a Works Cited page (or if it’s APA style, References page).

Format: before beginning the paper, determine what research style of documentation and formatting is used in your field. The paper should be in MLA or APA style (depending on your field of study). If you are in Nursing or Psychology, for example, see the video below for how to format a paper in APA style.

In-text quotes and paraphrases should be used from your sources with Parenthetical References. Also, a Works Cited page with the 5 sources should be at the end.

Also, the paper should be double spaced and the first lines of paragraphs should be indented.

Note: APA style uses a cover page. If using MLA style, page 1 should have the following:

Your Name

English 112


Title of Essay Centered

The paper should be about the following: 1. An Overview of the kinds of careers involved with your Major Field of Study and what you specifically want to do, if you already know (if not, narrow it down to several) 2. A Discussion of the types of job duties involved, including the possible kinds of writing you may be asked to do, and relevant courses you are or will be required to take, and 3. Discuss one or more current issue(s) and/or controversies involved in your major and future career to advance your knowledge. Your final product will be judged on how well you succeed in producing a well thought out, clear paper which shows you can interpret and intelligently discuss the subject and how well you can back up your findings with evidence. For example, if your major is in Science and/or technology, remember that those fields are rapidly advancing and changing; therefore, information more than five years old (or so) can be outdated. Also, correctly using MLA or APA documentation style, and standard grammar and conventions apply as well.

Direct quotes and paraphrases from each source should be used inside the paper with Parenthetical References given for any information that comes from a source.  A Works Cited (MLA) or References (APA) page should be at the end of the paper with sources in alphabetical order. See below for several examples, which was HW 3 for MLA.

Works Cited (MLA)

Last Name, First. “Title of Article.” Name of Publication or Website. Date of publication. Page

Numbers (or n.p). Name of Database, Date you accessed, web url.

References (APA)

Last name, First initial. (Year). Title of Article. Name of Publication or Website, vol (Issue #).

Page numbers. Web url.

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