Page Autobiography Paper Due Tonight !

Family History Autobiography
Your Autobiography must be 3 typed pages in length.
There are many different types of families, each of which is equally viable as a supportive, caring unit. Identify which type of family unit you grew up in: nuclear, extended, blended or step, single parent, adopted or foster, grandparent, gay/lesbian, or other. Families sometimes change as we are growing up for example, it starts out nuclear and a divorce, death, elderly Grandparent may change the family unit. Trace how your family of origin has evolved citing important facts like heritage, family beliefs, values, religion, and relevant events or experiences in your life. Include your earliest memory, significant events (highs and lows), most memorable moment, any turning points/ life changing “Aha’s”, where you are now, and hopes for your own future family and possible marriage and children.
[ This is my life ]
I am a first generation college student.
Im a singer actor and dancer
I come from a nuclear family mom, dad, sister.
My parents immigrated from Ghana West Africa.
Back in Africa I have many family members and some of them I don’t know.
Because my family in from Ghana west Africa they are very traditional and not really americanized
My family is very religious and we are christian
[ memorable event ]
At the age of 16 I was on a Disney channel show and because of that me and my family traveled a lot that year and it helped us bond.
[ Events that happened in my life ]
I was born in Brooklyn Ny
My family and I moved To NJ at the age of 5
I then went on to elementary school, middle school, high school, and now collage.
[ Future family ]
I hope to oneway have a beautiful wife with two kids and raise them together in a a good town.
I hope to be very financially stable so that my kids don’t worry about money like I did.
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