Patient Safety And Technologic Safety Solution

Patient Safety and Technologic Safety Solution

In this assignment the student will identify and explore a “Safety” issue this maybe client, nurse, community or work environment focused. An in-depth examination of the safety issue is to be explored. This should be the problem and its setting, qualitative information should be provided. The student will examine the literature for a full understanding and place the problem in a greater context of health care and society. The student will identify a solution to the problem. This may be new technology, existing technology, training, or workflow changes. The solution must be fully developed, and supported with an implementation plan. A summary of the problem and insights from the students on their learning in completing this assignment.

A 4-6 page paper is expected in APA format with references.


Grading Rubric   Informatics Leadership Interview Paper

Safety problem   identification:

Introduce   the problem to the reader. A through discussion of the problem is expected.   Identify frequency, and impact-whether actual or potential.

Interest to the   writer

Discuss   why you selected this safety issue.

Literature review

Examine   the literature to place the problem in context. Is this limited to your site   or facility. What is the incidence and prevalence of this safety issue. A   Minimum of 5 articles are expected for a thorough examination.

Technology solution:   

Explore   a technologic solution to resolving the safety problem. Present a detailed   solution. (new software, new app, additional education and training, new   standard work) This must be a detailed realistic solution fully supported by   your content.


Draw   some conclusion about the safety issue. Identify your learning and insights   from researching this topic. How will this impact your professional practice.

Paper Presentation /   Style

APA   Format, writing style, logical presentation of idea, grammar, sentence   structure.

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