physical therapy assisgment

Assignment: Write a 300-word minimum clinical application summary of the research article orcase study report.Due Dates: Students needs to turn in a copy of their research article or case study report forapproval no later than Tuesday 06/01/21 via google classrooms.The Final assignment is DUE ON July 01, 2021.Instructions:The paper should be 300-word minimum, typed, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font, 1”margin.Write the paper in the following order:I. Citation: AMA style MUST BE USEDII. Clinical Application:a. Describe why was the research/case study done (what is the purpose)b. Describe any and all test and measurements used in the research/casestudyc. Select and describe the interventions that are appropriate for the scenariod. Describe what you would check to assure patient safety during theinterventione. Describe a condition under which you would need to stop the interventionf. Describe a condition under which you would contact the physical therapistfor additional instructionExample: Use the following format.I. Citation in AMA syle.

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