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1-I like these questions!  Our hospital does have drills but we have not had an “active shooter” drill yet.  We talk about it within our department but not as an entire hospital yet.  They have set up emergency response communication via  text messaging and they have used that a few times but not for anything catastrophic.  The topic makes me sick and sad as this is becoming our reality and that this is becoming a part of life.

I did perform CPR on a Grandfather who was attending “”Disney on Ice” at our huge arena.  It was a snowy night and I got there early.  I was on the level above when I saw him go down and heard the screams from family.  Not many people there yet.  By the time I had gotten down to the level where he was seemed like an eternity.  He was pulse less and blue.  I did do CPR and continued until EMS arrived.  He did die at the hospital and I later found out if was from a pulmonary embolism.  The family was very thankful and obviously devastated.

I have been called several times from the stands at my girls sporting events to help with injuries or emergnecies as most of us as nurses have been.

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2-enjoyed reading your post and also feel like the tertiary prevention phase is very important in the recovery phase. This is the phase that will help individuals long term . The aftermath of the 2010 Haitian earthquake was devastating it is at this phase focus can be put on prevention measures such s counseling, chronic disease rehabilitation, services for housing and any type long term maintenance.

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3-I can definitely identify with compassion fatigue. I am a mental health nurse and each night I clock in I have the privilege of being a listening ear for someone who feels that life is hopeless. Sometimes I am able to lift spirits sometime not. What I try to do is take my time away so regardless of how much they call me stating staffing is low I don’t come in. During that time off I go  do to the gym, spend time with my family and most importantly worship,  pray and praise my Lord.

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