PN week 2

This section Must be HANDWRITTEN (use the PNII Handwritten requirements template provided above for this section):Provide at least one reference and citationFor each disease process, list at LEAST:3 things you would monitor/reassess,3 things you would do or action,3 things you would teach your patient,3 medications you would administer, list specific medication names (ie: ibuprofen), not just the categories (ie: NSAIDS)Complete the Comparison of Fluid Deficit & Fluid Overload table, please type the Comparison Table, do not handwrite itOn the comparison tables, leave the “Interventions” section blank as you will use the PNII Handwritten requirements document for the InterventsionUsing the “PNII Handwritten requirements”, follow the instructions listed above under “must be handwritten”. Complete (1) PNII handwritten requirements template for each disorder listed,please write at the top of each page what disorder each template is for.Provide at least 1 reference and citation from the years 2019-2021, provide a citation for each column in the Comparison Table and a citation for each section of the PNII Handwritten Requirements documentComplete the “Interpret the following Arterial blood gases” document, highlight your answer for each questionUpload your Comparison table, PNII handwritten requirements document, and your Interpret Arterial blood gases document into the drop box

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