Policy trends ethics in nursing

Select one health issue you wish to explore throughout this course. Write a formal APA paper on your selected health issue.The paper should be between 2-4 pages and include a title page, an introduction and conclusion, in-text citations, and references. No abstract needed. Page length does not include the title and references pages.Select a health issue to further explore which is related to a priority issue from a national or global organization.Select only one: a national health issue or global health issue.If you choose a global issue, it should be narrowed to a country or region in the world. For example, Africa is a continent. There are 5 sub-regions in Africa, and 54 countriesDefine and fully describe the health issue, using the following as APA headings:Importance of the issue, prevalence of issue, why the issue is a health risk in the selected area you choose.The history of the issueThe impact of the issue on the people of the country/region in which it occursEthical considerations in cause or impact of the issue on the selected region/countryAn overview of current efforts to overcome/treat/alter the health issueAt least 3 professional references are required.

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