principles management due 24 hours

For this segment of the session long project, we focus on Organizing. 

For this assignment, write a 2-3 page paper analyzing aspects of Organizing at your selected organization.

Some of the main issues of organizing to focus on in your paper include:

Main elements of organizational design are:

1.      Work specialization / job enrichment

2.      Departmentalization 

3.      Chain of command

4.      Span of control

5.      Centralization/decentralization


Organization Design Forms:




Team based



Human Resources

Organizing is another important function of management. It selects the appropriate design and structures, which allow strategies to be implemented.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Please make sure to read in depth Background Materials and apply these concepts to your organization.

Please do your best to format your essay according to APA formatting requirements.  Here is a good information source to help you with that: 

Make sure there is an Introduction (providing a roadmap to the paper), A Main Body with subsections (one subsection per item), Conclusions (summary) and a List of References.

Please use titles and headings per each section and subsection!

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