#ProChoice Movement Regarding Abortion

Research Project:

Annotated Bibliography/ Literature Review/Teach-In:  This assignment asks you to conduct research on a reproductive justice issue, movement, or response. You can opt for single authored monographs, co-authored books, edited collections or journal articles.  In total, you are asked to consult 10 credible sources.

Annotated Bibliography (length variable)

Each annotation should be no more than 2 paragraphs.

Annotations include bibliographic information (please use MLA style) followed by a summary of what you read and why it is important.  Please consider the following in your annotation:

This text was about…

The problems or concerns that the author/s identify are…

The innovations, contributions or key terms this author/s makes is/are…

From this text, I learned…

My response to this text is…

*Annotated material MUST BE in your own words and/or cited correctly*

Literature Review (3-4 pages)

This review asks you to synthesize your reading.  In a few short pages, tell me what you read, why and what you took from it.  Do not summarize the readings!  Instead, tell me what holds them together (ex. “these authors share the same perspective on sterilization consent”).  This is your opportunity to tell me what you learned.  You will be evaluated on the logic of your text selection, your rationale for text selection, your ability to synthesize the information you find and your skill at communicating the connections, areas of agreement/disagreement or different approaches in the body of your texts.


On March 16th, you will be placed in a group and you will teach your group about your topic.  This is a moment for you to communicate your research to an audience that is unfamiliar with your topic.  After you’ve taught the group, the group has the opportunity to ask you questions and discuss your topic.  You will hand-in your preparatory notes.

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