PSY3009 Week 7 MULTICULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY – Assignment: Analyze A Multicultural Approach To Psychotherapy


For this task, you will write a paper consisting of two sections. You may want to use headers to label each section.

In Section 1 of your paper, apply the principles you learned in your text readings to the multicultural psychotherapy experience of one psychotherapist.

First, view this week’s resources concerning psychotherapy in China and an African American psychologist’s training and experience as a psychotherapist in the United States.

Then, read and analyze the articles, using as many of the following concepts as applicable:

  • What influence does culture have on the definition of illness and disease in this example?
  • What specific “etic” factors applied to the understanding of psychological illness and cure? What “emic” factor applied? (Hint: Review Chapter 1 to refresh your understanding of the concepts etic and emic).
  • How does the role of the psychotherapist differ in each?
  • How did the therapist deal with being part of an “out group” in relation to the people he was treating, and to their cultural definitions of health and healing?

In section two of your paper, give your personal reflections on the approach each therapist took to multicultural psychology as you answer the following:

  • Given the diverse nature of most societies, how well do you think you will be able to adopt a cross-cultural understanding?
  • What aspects of the work of these therapists do you admire and perhaps wish to model?
  • Which aspects of their work did you find inappropriate or too challenging for you personally?
  • How does what you learned and thought about make you think differently about the field of abnormal psychology and psychotherapy?

Length: 3-5 pages

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