PSYC 1350-59 Lifespan Development Journal 3

Stress (Ch. 13)

  • Discuss and reflect on ideas of stress, comparing and contrasting with material from pp. 442-447.
  • How do you see yourself fitting into the stress and coping paradigm (p. 443)?  Discuss your personal approaches to stress – i.e., your use of the appraisal.  Do you use problem-focused or emotion-focused coping styles in response to stress?  Give examples and discuss them.
  • Discuss your use of stress management strategies and the effect they have on your overall health.  Which strategies do you use and how are they useful?
  • Discuss your responses to the COPE Questionnaire (given in class).  Which items reflect how you are most likely to deal with stress?
  • What have you learned from this?  What changes, if any, could/would you make that might help you deal with stress more effectively?


Personality Development (Ch. 13)

  • Discuss and reflect on the understanding of your own personality and personality development, utilizing text material from pp. 453-455.
  • Utilize online exercises from D2L, i.e., the  Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Jung version), or  Big 5 Personality Test  Big 5 Test (in the supplemental materials section of content on D2L).  Incorporate reflection and discussion of the results of the tests in your journal writing.  What do these results tell you about yourself?  Do the results fit with how you see yourself or are they contradictory to your self-perception?  Explain


  • ()Discuss and apply your experience with intimacy v. isolation (Erikson’s stage of young adulthood), as well as the relationship models of Sternberg (p. 369 or see Sternberg Love Scale handout
  • If incorporating ideas on marriage, include discussion and reflection of John Gottman’s ideas (4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – see video John Gottman 4 Patterns (Ch. 11)).
  • Utilize the Relationship Satisfaction Scale Relationship Satisfaction Scale as a discussion and reflection with regard to your own intimate relationships.
  • Incorporate theories of marriage (p. 380, homogamy, exchange theory, vulnerability-stress-adaptation model).  How do these ideas compare or contrast with your own experience?
  • For any of the above, compare and contrast your own experience with personal and/or love relationships and the models/theories presented by the text or in class.  Utilize in-class handouts and exercises as examples.  Discuss ‘how’ or ‘why’ you see these as either fitting with or contradicting your own experience.

choose from the following topics related to material from Chapters 10-13.  To be eligible for full crit, journals must be 3 pages, double spaced, typewritten, size 12 font (Times New Roman or Arial).

Relationships (Chapter 11)

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