PSYC 324 Midterm Exam

PSYC 324 Midterm


Question 1 of 50 2.0 Points


According to the text, what is the most important characteristic of narcotics?





 A.They greatly reduce feelings of pain.
 B.They are mostly available as over-the-counter drugs.
 C.They are very inexpensive.
 D.Both A and B.
Question 2 of 50 2.0 Points


The following cannabis products are rank ordered for THC concentration (highest to lowest):





 A.marijuana, sinsemilla, hashish, hashish oil
 B.sinsemilla, marijuana, hashish, hashish oil
 C.hashish oil, hashish, sinsemilla, marijuana
 D.hashish oil, hashish, marijuana, sinsemilla
Question 3 of 50 2.0 Points


Research on adopted children shows that biological children of alcoholics being raised by nonalcoholic adoptive parents _______.





 A.have a greater risk for becoming alcoholic
 B.have a lower tolerance to alcohol
 C.have a lower risk of becoming alcoholic
 D.develop drug problems
Question 4 of 50 2.0 Points


Expectancy effects of alcohol influence _______.





 A.emotional behaviors
 B.motor behaviors
 C.cognitive behaviors
 D.all of the above
Question 5 of 50 2.0 Points


Ordering opiates from strongest to least strong would be the following _______.





 A.morphine, codeine, thebaine
 B.thebaine, codeine, morphine
 C.codeine, thebaine, morphine
 D.codeine, morphine, thebain
Question 6 of 50 2.0 Points


Women tend to become more intoxicated than men because _______.





 A.they have 60 percent less alcohol dehydrogenase
 B.their body weight is always less
 C.they drink alcohol at a faster rate
 D.they have 60 percent more alcohol dehydrogenase
Question 7 of 50 2.0 Points


Sara has been drinking alcohol for two months. She even drives her friends home on weekends when she has been drinking heavily. According to the DSM-IV-TR, Sara meets one of the criteria for _______.





 A.systematic drinking
 C.alcohol abuse
 D.alcohol dependence
Question 8 of 50 2.0 Points


A problem inherent in all forms of injection involves _______.





 A.the relatively slow rate of absorption
 B.the risk of infection if the needle is not sterile
 C.the possible collapse of a vein
 D.the need for the individual to be conscious

Question 9 of 50

2.0 Points


Which characteristic is not a physiological effect of cocaine?





 A.increased heart rate
 B.increased appetite
 C.sweatiness and a pale appearance
 D.dilated pupils
Question 10 of 50 2.0 Points


Toxicity of MDMA (Ecstasy) involves _______.





 C.agitation and confusion
 D.all of the above
Question 11 of 50 2.0 Points


A speedball contains a combination of _______.





 A.amphetamines and heroin
 B.cocaine and LSD
 C.cocaine and amphetamines
 D.cocaine and heroin
Question 12 of 50 2.0 Points


John has been an alcoholic for many years. He is having trouble remembering information that he has just been given. When talking about the past, he often elaborates on a few details to make it appear as though he remembers past situations clearly. John is most likely suffering from _______.





 A.Korsakoff’s psychosis
 B.Wernicke’s disease
 C.Wernicke’s encephalopathy
 D.Korsakoff’s encephalopathy
Question 13 of 50 2.0 Points


The best way to treat alcoholism is _______.





 A.biologically based treatments
 B.psychosocial interventions
 C.Alcoholics Anonymous
 D.No one treatment is best.
Question 14 of 50 2.0 Points


Drug A has ten times the number of drug-related ED visits in the DAWN statistics as Drug B. Drug A is used by ten times the number of individuals as Drug B. What are the relative toxicities of the two drugs?





 A.Drug A is more toxic than Drug B.
 B.Drug B is more toxic than Drug A.
 C.Drugs A and B have equivalent toxicities.
 D.Not enough information is present to judge the relative toxicities of Drugs A and B.
Question 15 of 50 2.0 Points


By the definition used in the text, a chemical substance would be considered a drug if _______.


 intoxicated the user had an impact on brain functioning served as a nutrient
 D.both A and B
Question 16 of 50 2.0 Points


Health researchers have established that _______.


 drink per week is okay during pregnancy drink every other week is okay during pregnancy
 C.there is no safe level of drinking during pregnancy drink per month is okay during pregnancy

Question 17 of 50

2.0 Points


Generally speaking, growth retardation, premature birth, low birth weight, and neurological damage to the infant are events most associated with drug use during which time of pregnancy?





 A.before the third month
 B.during the fourth to fifth month
 C.during the sixth to seventh month
 D.after the eighth month
Question 18 of 50 2.0 Points


Which of the following is a “standard drink”?


 8-ounce glass of wine
 B.a 20-ounce bottle of beer
 C.a 1.5-ounce shot of 80 proof liquor
 D.all of the above
Question 19 of 50 2.0 Points


The social problems associated with the Prohibition era have often been cited as an argument against _______.





 A.prevention programs for drug abuse
 B.restricting drugs in general
 C.encouraging chronic alcohol abuse
 D.all of the above
Question 20 of 50 2.0 Points


Most of the alcohol consumed is absorbed by _______.





 A.the large intestine
 B.the small intestine
 C.the liver
 D.the stomach
Question 21 of 50 2.0 Points


If you were to order the three classifications of brain tissue from the most primitive to the most recently evolved part of the human brain, it would in which order?





 A.hindbrain, forebrain, midbrain
 B.forebrain, midbrain, hindbrain
 C.midbrain, hindbrain, forebrain
 D.hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain
Question 22 of 50 2.0 Points


One of the problems in considering alcohol abuse is the frequently held idea that _______.





 A.alcohol is not really a drug
 B.alcohol abuse is not as bad as drug abuse
 C.alcohol abuse is not the same as drug abuse
 D.all of the above
Question 23 of 50 2.0 Points


What is particularly dangerous about many club drugs?





 A.They are colorless, odorless, and tasteless.
 B.They can be slipped into drinks unobtrusively.
 C.They have been used in sexual assault cases.
 D.All of the above
Question 24 of 50 2.0 Points


Ted just took a hallucinogenic drug and is experiencing auditory hallucinations. Which hallucinogen is Ted most likely to have taken?





Question 25 of 50 2.0 Points


Daily smoking of one marijuana joint is equivalent to how many cigarettes in terms of damage to cells lining the airways?





 A.ten cigarettes (half a pack) a day
 B.five cigarettes a day
 C.forty cigarettes (two packs) a day
 D.sixty cigarettes (three packs) a day
Question 26 of 50 2.0 Points


Tim is having physical withdrawal symptoms from alcohol. He started feeling confused and feverish. He is sweating and hallucinating. Tim is most likely suffering from _______.





 A.Delirium tremens
 B.Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome
 C.Alcoholis cirrhosis
 D.Tourette’s syndrome
Question 27 of 50 2.0 Points


Binge drinking for men is generally defined as _______.





 A.a consumption of beer combined with liquor
 B.five or more drinks in a row
 C.two drinks in two minutes
 D.ten or more drinks in a row
Question 28 of 50 2.0 Points


If one drug has an effect of 6, a second drug has an effect of 8, and the combination of the two drugs has an effect of 20, then the interaction is _______.





 D.all of the above
Question 29 of 50 2.0 Points


The rush of a “heroin high” is avoided with methadone because _______.


 is taken on a daily basis is taken orally is absorbed slowly and metabolized slowly cannot bind itself to endorphin-sensitive receptors
Question 30 of 50 2.0 Points


Behavioral or conditioned tolerance can be considered to be an important contributor to which drug-taking phenomenon?





 A.lethal overdoses
 B.the placebo effect
 C.increased sensitivity to a drug
 D.improved responses to a drug
Question 31 of 50 2.0 Points


A drawback of urine testing for the presence of THC is _______.





 A.the test cannot show exactly when exposure occurred
 B.the test cannot determine whether the person actually smoked marijuana
 C.some types of marijuana have an ingredient which counters the effects of THC, resulting in a negative test result
 D.both A and B
Question 32 of 50 2.0 Points


Professional artists and musicians under the influence of LSD _______.





 A.produce better, more creative work more of a tendency to late suffer from “writer’s block” no significant difference in the quality of their work as compared to work created when not under the influence of LSD
 D.have more difficulty being creative
Question 33 of 50 2.0 Points


Cocaine effects are directly related to those areas of the brain that control _______.





 A.balance and equilibrium
 B.respiratory control
 C.pleasure and reinforcement
 D.sleep and dreaming
Question 34 of 50 2.0 Points


When a pregnant woman drinks alcoholic beverages, the fetal alcohol levels _______.





 A.are the same as those of the mother
 B.are higher than those of the mother
 C.Since alcohol does not pass through the placenta, the fetus does not have an alcohol level.
 D.are lower than those of the mother
Question 35 of 50 2.0 Points


If a placebo effect occurs, a completely inert substance _______.





 A.will have an effect
 B.will have no effect whatsoever
 C.will likely produce a lethal response
 D.will have a reduced effect
Question 36 of 50 2.0 Points


A principal benefit from methadone maintenance has been _______.





 A.the security measures taken to avoid a diversion of methadone to the street
 B.reduced risk of AIDS from intravenous drug use
 C.the excellent record in getting individuals off drug abuse in general
 D.all of the above

Question 37 of 50

2.0 Points


If one of the effects of heroin is constipation, then withdrawal symptoms after chronic heroin abuse would include _______.





 A.a period of constipation followed by normal intestinal activity
 B.increased dizziness and headache pain
 C.increased constipation
Question 38 of 50 2.0 Points


A “bad trip” on LSD _______.





 A.can be minimized by the companionship/reassurance of others avoidable with careful planning as to the dose one is taking
 C.can be minimized by physical restraints
 D.can be avoided by turning off all the lights
Question 39 of 50 2.0 Points


Analogy: Licit recreational drug use is to smoking a cigarette as illicit recreational drug use is to _______.





 A.smoking marijuana
 B.drinking a caffeinated beverage
 C.injecting heroin
 D.both A and C
Question 40 of 50 2.0 Points


The gateway hypothesis predicts that, relative to abstinence from marijuana, _______.





 A.marijuana smoking will lower your grades
 B.marijuana smoking will help you find your way in life
 C.marijuana smoking will have many adverse psychological and physical consequences
 D.marijuana smoking will lead to a greater incidence of drug abuse in general

Question 41 of 50

2.0 Points


“On the nod” is a tern used to describe _______.





 A.heroin addicts
 B.the tranquil drowsiness that heroin induces
 C.injecting heroin into the bloodstream
 D.the “rush” of intense euphoria from taking heroin
Question 42 of 50 2.0 Points


Which area(s) of the brain are most affected by heavy drinking?





 A.cerebral cortex and forebrain
 B.cerebellum and cerebral cortex
 C.pons and thalamus
 D.forebrain and medulla
Question 43 of 50 2.0 Points


Suppression of height and weight gains caused by stimulant medication (e.g., Ritalin) treatment for ADHD can be compensated for _______.


 taking a different brand of stimulant medication taking two different kinds of stimulant medication
 C.during “drug holidays” when someone is no longer taking the medication increasing the dosage of stimulant medication
Question 44 of 50 2.0 Points


An alcohol-tolerant drinker may feel the intoxication level equivalent to a BAC of _____ while actually having a BAC of _____.





 A.0.10 percent; 0.10 percent
 B.0.08 percent; 0.18 percent
 C.0.10 percent; 0.05 percent
 D.0.25 percent; 0.10 percent
Question 45 of 50 2.0 Points


What should someone do in a situation involving acute alcohol intoxication?





 A.induce vomiting as soon as possible
 B.have the person take a cold shower
 C.give the person strong black coffee
 D.have the person lie on his or her side with his or her head lower than the rest of the body
Question 46 of 50 2.0 Points


We think we are being stimulated when intoxicated with alcohol because _______.





 A.the cerebral cortex is being stimulated
 B.heart rate is slowing down
 C.the respiratory centers in the medulla are being stimulated
 D.the cerebral cortex is being inhibited
Question 47 of 50 2.0 Points


Difficulties in handling sensory-motor tasks while engaged in marijuana smoking _______.





 A.fortunately are limited to the period of time in which one is feeling high
 B.continue even after the effects of marijuana are no longer felt
 C.are increased as the marijuana high starts to wear off
 D.are largely a myth, unsupported by research data
Question 48 of 50 2.0 Points


Which of the following is an enabler?





 A.a man checking himself into a rehabilitation facility
 B.a father giving his son money to pay rent when his son spent his paycheck on alcohol
 C.a woman taking her brother to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
 D.a mother kicking her daughter out of the house due to her alcoholism


Question 49 of 50

2.0 Points


A key factor in understanding the effect of alcohol in the brain is which receptor?





 A.dopamine receptor
 B.serotonin receptor
 C.THC-sensitive receptor
 D.GABA receptor
Question 50 of 50 2.0 Points


Cathy needs to stay awake to study for her psychology midterm, so she decides to take an amphetamine to keep from falling asleep. In this case, the drug has a(n) _____ use.







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