Psych Paper (Health Change To My Life)

You will be asked to choose a health related behavioral change that you would like to make in your own life.You will identify a specific change, set concrete goals, keep a log on your progress and identify barriers to change as well as factors that promote change. Your final product will also include a discussion of the psychological principals and evidence base associated with your change process, and what you learned about the process that could be relevant to medical settings. FOLLOW APA guidelines and present your baseline, intervention, results for your target behavior(s) in the context of peer-reviewed research. You should have an introduction, methods section, results section, and discussion section. I HAVE INCLUDED A BASIS OF MY INDIVIDUALIZED PROJECT BELOW. There must be obvious use of qualitative and quantitative data. Paper also MUST be 10 pages. Below I have attached the grading criteria. MY HEALTH CHANGE is better sleep schedule. Below i have attached an assignment I have completed and will need to be put in my essay. MAKE SURE TO ANSWER this in the paper. ‘Could you define your target behavior(s) more specifically (beyond total amount of sleep).  What are you going to measure during your baseline and intervention phases. 5 CREDIBLE SOURCES REQUIRED.

Maya Hassoun


Self-Modification Project

Psych 555 002

1. Step one is to set a goal. My goal for this project is to start having a sleeping schedule i picked this topic for my project because at the most i tend to get 4-5 hours night of sleep. My goal is to have a weekly sleeping schedule , id like to get a minimum of 7 hours a night considering the amount an average adult should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep.

2. Even though monday through friday i have an alarm set for 8 am i still tend to sleep around 2:30-3:00am each night. Some nights i fall asleep an hour or two earlier but, then i will wake up an hour or two earlier then my alarm clock. I will monitor my sleeping schedule by counting how many hours a sleep I receive.

3. I have a few My setting events. My biggest one that i turn on the the TV and put on my favorite shows as soon as i get in bed, i get so into the shows that i will start binge watching and watch 2-4 episodes right after another. The days i don’t get in bed to watch TV i stay out late either at the library or a relatives house, then wont even get home or in bed till 1 am. Another thing that i do is shower before bed no matter what time it is, and im not sure about others but i tend to be more awake after a shower. Lastly another setting event of mine is going on my phone really late at night and scroll through scroll through social media

4. I am going to have consequences for myself such as if I don’t get a minim of 7 hours a night of sleep i am not going to not allow my self to watch my favorite shows that air once a week on TV, so if I don’t reach my goal i will be missing out on my show that airs that week and will have to wait till the following week to watch it, which i hate very much.

5. Im going to make sure i stay on track by understanding the better benefits that will have to my life style resulting from getting a better and longer nights sleep.

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