Psychiatric Discussion Post

 Assignment #1: Psychiatric – Discussion post


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For this week I would like you all to participate by looking up a drug from the benzo class. Post on this board the dosage, uses, side effects, any lab monitoring required etc. Write your info down in a format that would be appropriate for patient education. In other words, imagine you have a patient who has just been prescribed a medication and you are the first Health Professional to educate them on the drug.

Assignment #2: Discussion post


Watch this 7-minute video on microexpressions:

MicroExpressions – Reading Facial Expressions Are Better than Reading Body Language

Answer the following questions:

  • What is your opinion on theorists’ claims that micro expressions are the same for all cultures around the world?
  • Why do you feel this way?
  • Give specific examples to support your opinion using materials from the chapter reading this week.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.



Please respond to a minimum of two peers. Include in your response:

  • Compare your responses to your peers’ responses and identify similarities and differences in your posts.
  • Ask a question about their response for added clarification or additional information you are curious about.

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

Assignment #3: Psychology



Analyze: Emotions

Evaluation Title: The Study of Emotion

Watch this 4-minute video about facial expression around the world.

Video  1:  Exploring Facial Expressions with Paul Ekman.

Video 2: How Emotions Differ Across Cultures.


Write a 2-page opinion paper about the study of emotion around the world. Answer these questions:

  1. What does the research say about the expression of emotion around the world?
  2. Does it look the same?
  3. What does the research say about the perception of emotion around the world?
  4. Are the studies biased? Why?
  5. How would you change the studies to make them less biased?
  6. How important is it to understand the role of culture on emotional expression?

Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style.

  • In addition to the provided videos, include 2-3 additional credible resources as evidence to support your opinions.

The assignments must include:

  • Running head
  • A title page with Assignment name
  • Your name
  • Professor’s name
  • Course
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