Psychology 101 Assignment

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to help who is ever doing this assignment I’m providing these to make it your job easier just check and read 1-5

1. if you want to watch it you can click on this link above but if you do not want too, you can just read a summary and the link would below this sentence.

2. two of the disorder is “Schizophrenic and anxiety ” below I will provide links to help you what schizophrenic is:



This is a formal writing assignment. Papers should be at least 4 paragraphs (minimum of 7 sentences each), double- spaced, typed pages, in length. Your paper should include an introduction and closing paragraph, tying your thoughts together. You are required to use APA formatting and include all sources used for the paper (video, textbook, outside resources).



Your task in this assignment is to analyze a video from a psychological perspective. You are not being asked to critique the film in terms of its value as a work of art or as entertainment. Rather, you should think carefully about the human actions and events portrayed in the film.


), identify 2 different psychological disorders and/or psychological principles that appear to be operating in the events or individuals depicted in the video (e.g., psychological disorders, therapy, stages of development etc.). For each disorder and /or principle that you identify:

(a) Briefly describe the behaviors and scene (you may assume that your reader has seen the film).

(b) Describe in detail the psychological disorder and/or principle you believe is relevant. Your job here is to demonstrate that you understand the disorder, principle or theory, and that you can describe it in your own words. An occasional quote from your text or another source is fine, but for the most part, you should be conveying your knowledge without the aid of others’ words. You do not need to do library research for this – using your text or your lecture notes as resources is fine – but remember to give credit where it is due. You need to show that you have a good understanding of the disorder and/or concept. It is best if you are specific about the principles you discuss. For example, do not just indicate that your scene illustrates depression. Instead, indicate what specific disorder, theory, therapy, principle or aspect that your scene illustrates.

(c) Elaborate on how the selected scene illustrates the disorder and/or principle you have identified. It is also okay to write about how a scene might fail to accurately portray a disorder. It is very important that you do more than simply say something like “this disorder was accurately portrayed because the character was a good actor.” You must be specific on precisely how and in what form the accuracy of the disorder was portrayed, or how it fails to support what you learned about the disorder in the class.

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