Psychology 101 No Plagiarism Please

I need this in 9 hours from now (Wednesday, December 11, 7:00 am 2019 (EST)), please because of the deadline I have on this assignment? No plagiarism, please

please be thorough in your response. A minimum of 3 sentences is required for each question.

1. Discuss the levels of the mind according to Freud

2. Explain the Id, Ego and Superego. Include development, interactions and how it impacts personality.

3. explain the collective Unconscious. Provide an example of an Archetype.

4. Discuss individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Provide an example of each.

5. Describe a projective test. How does this work and what are the problems associated?

6.  Explain two ways in which abnormal psychology is defined in the field of psychology

7.  What is group therapy?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of group therapy? Provide an example of group therapy.

8.  Describe psychoanalysis. Include information about the background, how it seeks to help people and key concepts.

9.  How is biomedical therapy different from other types of therapy? Provide examples of biomedical therapy techniques.

10.  What is the relationship between the client and therapist known as and why is it important to the success of therapy?

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