Psychology Disorders And Therapy-Depression

Topic: Psychological Disorders and Therapy

Depression is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain and can only be treated successfully with medication

Part I:  The Annotated Bibliography/The Introduction and Summary Paragraphs :  An annotated bibliography is a list of relevant scholarly works along with a descriptive and evaluative summary of each.  Your annotated bibliography will relate information relevant to your analysis of the selected option provided for the Final Paper.

• Locate a minimum of five relevant scholarly sources that will inform your understanding of the issue that you have chosen.

o Create a list of references and thoroughly read each article.

o Before beginning your writing, verify the scholarly nature of the articles you have chosen.

• Summarize each of your sources, appraising the information relevant to your chosen topic (two to three paragraphs).  Use your own voice and apply in text citations.  Be sure to consider the following information for each of your selected sources:

o Include a description and critical analysis of the content (e.g., unique information, findings, strengths/weaknesses, biases, limitations, overall conclusions).

o Include a succinct illustration of the relevance of this particular article to the topic you have chosen.

• Outline an introduction that previews the paper and concludes with a clear thesis statement.

• Lastly, as a conclusion, compose an overall summary paragraph with additional directions you plan to explore through your research.

Must be at least three to five double-spaced pages in length and formatted according to APA formatted style.

Part II:  Write a Paper

Write a paper in which summarize psychological theory and research that is pertinent to this topic.  The paper should appraise the evidence contained within your articles, supporting and/or contradicting the statement you have chosen to examine.  Your task is to distinguish whether or not this commonly held belief accurately represents psychological knowledge of the topic and discuss your conclusions.

• If theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is false (i.e., it is instead bubba or pop psychology), infer an alternative truth based on the literature.

• If the theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is true, point out how the research supports the statement.

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