Psychology PowerPoint (At Least 5 Slides) + Outline.

(Presentation 2) = same exact format with at least 3 articles about PTSD

(Compare, contrast and summarize the information from all 3 article together)

Format: 1 inch margins, size 12 font (TNR or Ariel), Double space all, Perfected references!!

Directions for Professional Article Summary and Evaluation

You must find a professional journal article on a topic of your choosing related to any class material. Outline must be written in APA format. Your review should have four parts:

First: Article Reference

Your article must be from a professional, peer reviewed,scientific (research based) journal. (If you’re not absolutely certain the article you want to review is from a pro journal/source, check with me)

You must provide a complete APA style reference for your article. This must include the full title of the article, the authors, and the journal, book or source for your article.

Second: The Summary (1 paragraph)

The summary should be a complete but condensed version of the article. It should mention each of the main points stated in the article, for instance, if there is a paragraph in the article that discusses the effectiveness of a specific medication for depression, there should be at least one sentence that summarizes that point.

The summary should be dry and factual. There should be none of your passion or voice in the summary and you should be careful not to present the passion or voice of the article author as if it were your own. This is not a report of on what you think is most relevant in the article, it is a factual summary of what the article is. There will be space for your opinion in the response section.

Third:  Critical Evaluation (1 paragraph)

This section should be a paragraph or so that evaluates the information offered in the article. The article is almost always making a claim of some sort. The author is almost always trying to convince you of something. Your job is to figure these things out and evaluate whether or not the article is convincing. Be skeptical but also be fair.

This section should include but is not limited to questions like:

• What claims are being made?• What evidence has been provided to support the claims (research study, expert opinion…)?• Is the evidence credible (are the tests relevant, can they be repeated, examine validity and reliability).• Did the author provide good examples and define terms well enough to make the point clear?• What contemporary theoretical perspective in psychology best explains the claims being made?

Fourth: Response (1.5 Paragraph)

Also about a page, This is the place for you to offer your personal opinion. Do you agree or disagree with the claim (why or why not), Can you apply what the article said to something in your own life or experience…..I want to know what you think/ feel ….about what you have learned.

PLEASE make sure all 3 articles are about PTSD.

So i would need a powerpoint of at least 5 slides and an outline ( not more than one page) that covers all that is mentioned above.

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