Psychology Powerpoint Presentation

Here is the main assignment!  KEEP IN MIND this is a team assignment and I am only responsible for part of the assignment.

The class is DIVERSITY AND CULTURAL FACTORS IN PSYCHOLOGY.  I have attached the book as an attachment.  kthagin is log in to book and Marines1! is the password.
The second attachment is the template that our team has chosen to use.
The third attachment is a very detailed description as to what the lead wants each student to do. It is a planning document.

The assignment:

Imagine that a local company has contacted you regarding new employees from a different culture.  The purpose of the presentation is to help the present employees understand and communicate with the new employees from a different culture.


Create an 8- to 10- slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®, research-based presentation to help employees understand cultural differences in the expression of emotion and the interpretation of behaviors and traditions. You will need to select one culture that is NOT represented by the learning team group.  Your notes will explain the points in your slides.


Choose a culture outside of those represented in your Learning Team, and include the following:


  • Research findings on cultural differences in the expression of emotion, interpretation of behavior, and traditions.
  • Translate the research results into everyday terms, as your audience will be people unfamiliar with psychological jargon.
  • Apply the research findings to your chosen culture.
  • Explain how the present group of employees can maximize communication with the new employees.


Include at least three scholarly resources in your presentation.


Now, look  at the planning document attached.


The human being and emotions – Slide 3 & 4

Slide content: Describe emotion and how it is used in communications. Talk about types of emotions (basic and self-conscious – pg 208). Role of emotional regulation in social construct (pg 209) – this is general discussion of emotional regulation because it will be used later in cultural differences in regulation. For this slide just discuss the concept and who it affect social functions.


Possible resources:

Averill, J. R. (1998). What Are Emotions, Really?. Cognition & Emotion, 12(6), 849-855. doi:10.1080/026999398379466

Ekman, P., & Cordaro, D. (2011). What is meant by calling emotions basic?. Emotion Review, 3(4), 364-370. doi:10.1177/1754073911410740

Ekman, P. (1993). Facial expression and emotion. American Psychologist, 48(4), 384-392. doi:

Godbold, N. (2014). Researching emotions in interactions: Seeing. Emotion Review, 7(2), 163-368. doi: 10.1177/1754073914554779


Tracy, J. L., & Robins, R. W. (2004). Putting the self into self-conscious emotions: A theoretical model. Psychological Inquiry, 15(2), 103-125.


Guidelines for presentation (to maintain uniformity and presentation style):

  • Each slide should have 4 to 6 summary points, displayed as bullet points that are about a sentence long or less.
  • Each slide, except Intro and Conclusion should have a graphic
  • Important one: Make sure you reference concepts and research that you share to the Chinese culture either to show similarities or differences. Every section should find some way to mention how what you are writing about relates to the Chinese culture. This is the requirement: Apply the research findings to your chosen culture.  
  • Important note 2: Use common terms, stay away from scientific jargon. Our audience is employees of a local company, so write to your audience – but still 3rd person please!
  • Your speaker notes should look just like your writing in a paper. Make sure all your bullet points are covered in your speaker notes and each page should have at least two paragraphs. Please make sure you cite references, just like a paper.
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