Requirements: You will read three transcribed qualitative interview about college student grief experiences to generate codes and themes using the three coding structures we discussed as outlined below: 1. Review Holistic Impact of Bereavement Theoretical Framework Read the article, Holistic Impact of Bereavement, written by David Balk (2011), which was used as the theoretical framework for this study. Understanding this theory will help you with analyzing the data. 2. Analyze Qualitative Data Code the three transcribed qualitative interviews using the three coding schemes we discussed in class – descriptive, a priori, and in vivo codes. Compare your codes with a classmate and develop themes from those codes. You should have about 5 codes for each theme. 3. Develop a Coding/Theme Table Develop a coding/theme table to illustrate your codes and themes using the outline template on the next page. This template is just an example – feel free to create your own! Just be sure to include all elements required. Choose at least three themes to expand on in your table that includes five codes. See examples provided to develop your chart.

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