Questions..Marketing Research…

1.  Questions of Marketing Research




a) Explain which of the following research  (Causal research, Descriptive and Exploratory research)


b) Decide with particular survey you will use


c) Design a questionnaire of at least 10 questions in at two sections excluding any demographic questions such as age, gender etc.




a)    Outline the steps in selecting a sample.


        b) Suppose you are a political analysis and you wish to be considered those you will predict the outcome of an extremely close federal election. What should the sample the sample size be for your poll? Are these problems involved in determining the sample size for this selection?


b)   Advantages and disadvantages of Secondary Data

c)    What would be the best source for the following data

i)              Populations average income and employment rates for Sydney NSW.

ii)             Maps of Australia suburbs and cities.



3) Assume you are the Marketing Manager for Vodafone Mobile. Prepare a market research brief that includes the statement of the management problem; Research objective and possible Research design. How would you brief change if management informed you that the research findings had to be obtained in two weeks time ?

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