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Please reply to each question of the eight questions herein APA format at least 100 words.

The book reference will be included below.

Project Management Leadership, Ch. 12

1.) I use a simpler version of the project life cycle than discussed in this chapter. I use Initiate, Define, Plan, Execute, and Close out. What project life cycle are you most familiar with in your organization? How does it help manage projects?

2.) I consider the project charter the most important document in project management. The charter is the outcome of the Define phase and is the permission to consume resources on this project. I actually make sure the project sponsor actually signs the document in approval and acknowledgment of the project as defined in the charter. Does your organization use project charters? What is typically included?

Project Management Leadership, Ch. 13

3.) Review the two tables, 13.1 and 13.2, about the differences between teams and groups. What is your natural work group, a team or a group? Most project teams in your organization? Are there advantages and disadvantages to each

Project Management Leadership, Ch. 14

4.) Which of Belbin’s team role(s) do you most typically play in project teams? Which role is your least favorite or least comfortable for you and why?

Project Management Leadership, Ch. 15

5.) Teams must go through all the phases of team development, but some research suggests that it takes most teams at least six months to become high performing. Yet, teams in class are together for at most five weeks. How can you as a learning team member help the group to get to high performing as quickly as possible?

Project Management Leadership, Ch. 16

6.) I once participated in a week long leadership development outdoor team building course held in a ski resort in NW Michigan. It was application based and intense. The day consisted of early morning rising, exercise, all day outdoor activities in cool, rainy days, followed by deep facilitated conversations in the evening that allowed no time for personal reflection. Outdoor activities include many team building ones, including building a boat and getting across the lake in it all the way to the culminating event of a ropes course. It was very effective.

Have you ever experienced in similar outdoor team building activities?

Project Management Leadership, Ch. 17

7.) I am a certified coach and do executive leadership coaching. I have used the Life Balance Wheel in coaching and have used it for myself. I have used it to rank these areas as they currently are and then to rank them as I would like them to be. The areas with the biggest gap are probably deserving attention. Take the time to complete this wheel twice, once as things currently are and again as you would them to be. Is the information helpful to identify one or two areas of focus for you to develop?

8.) Form a response of at least 100 words to the reference below.

Lin, T. C., Chen, C. M., Hsu, J. S., Fu, T. W., et al, (2015). The impact of team knowledge on problem solving competence in information systems development team. International Journal of Project Management, 33(8), 1692-1703.

Thanks again and please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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