Choose the poem (Daddy” by Sylvia Plath) from this week’s required readings .

Write a journal entry, of at least 350 words, reflecting on this poem. What is the importance of the literary elements in this poem? Include the following literary elements in your reflection:

  • Literal and figurative language
  • Symbolism
  • Form

Read “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath in (Ch. 5 Pages 310- 312) of Literature and Composition.

Textbook: Literature & Composition, Author: Carol Jago

NOTE: please follow the below instructions for reference and citation

For your References page, just copy word for word the following entries to document the textbooks:

Jago, C., Shea, R., Scanlon, L., & Aufses, R. (2011). Literature and Composition. Retrieved from Vital Source Bookshelf.

Within your papers, when citing (quoting) a literary work found in either of these textbooks, enter the author’s surname only, followed by the date and page number, e.g. (Jago, 2011, p. XX).

Note: Attached file is the reading material.

Also, attached the graded paper from last week (you helped me with it) just to avoid making the same mistakes 😉 Thanks!

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