Realtor Database: Data Redundancy and Anomalies

  • Conduct an in-depth examination and analysis of the database,Week1_Realtor.mdb(Download Here). Apply the concepts of database systems that you have learned this week.

For example, you may want to include a definition and analysis of these concepts:

  • Describe the data contained in the database.
  • Describe the tables, fields, and records in the database.
  • Describe the keys, indexes, and relationships in the database.
  • Identify data redundancy and describe potential solutions.
  • Identify data anomalies and describe potential solutions.
  • Identify fields containing more than one item of data and describe potential solutions.
  • Identify other design concerns and describe potential solutions.

The document should be written in Microsoft Word. The format should be APA style, double-spaced, and sufficient length to thoroughly complete the assignment (usually 2-3 pages). Be sure to cite your sources. Your final submission will be a Microsoft Word document.

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