Write a reflection on End of Life simulation of 500 words.

Sally’s End of Life Simulation

Sally a 58 years old woman was admitted and diagnosed with ovarian cancer and she has just been told that they have to stop treatment as nothing seems to be working and she was placed on Palliative care. Her daughter Kerry was by her bedside comforting her and holding her hands to give her support, even though Sally was in the ANGER STAGE OF GRIEF. A picture of her grandson Tyler was in front of her on the table as she kept on referring to the picture and was worried about who will take care of Tyler while she’s gone.

While still at the hospital, she was seen by the Chaplain, who Sally refused to listen to his sermon due to her anger, and a music therapist came to play some soft music for her listening pleasure. She was made comfortable while in the hospital and all her needs met on time. She was then discharged to home health care.

Nine months after, her condition became worse and was now in her final stage, she had a home nurse at her side and her daughter was by her side the whole time. She was noted with facial grimacing, grunting and in excruciating pain and the nurse administered 1mg of morphine to ease her pain and atropine to reduce secretion, and she was made comfortable. She requested to see the chaplain and asked about her grandson Tyler whom she love so much, and Kerry her daughter answered that he was at school.

Her estranged younger sister who lives out of state walks into the scene and almost aggravated her condition as they had not been in talking terms for years. The nurse had to step in to calm the situation down and they both settle their differences. The Chaplain then walks in and holds Sally’s hand, said a few comforting words to her, her daughter, and her sister, said the Lords Prayer’s and by the time he was done Sally had stopped breathing. Then Sally’s sister called on the nurse to check on her and the nurse confirmed her dead and left to give the family some quite time.

To complete the assignment, write a reflection of at least 2 pages (500 words) addressing the questions below:

1. How will you use this end-of-life experience to inform your nursing practice?

2. What communication skills did you learn and how can you use them in applying these in your profession?

3. Did you see a satisfactory resolution to the ethical dilemmas presented?  What would you have done differently if you had participated in this experience?

4. Has this end-of-life simulation experience changed or deepened your opinion/beliefs about death and dying?  Please elaborate.

5.  APA format/ supporting journal article –as with all previous journal reflections.

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