Reflection Paper For My Capstone

II need 2 and half or 3 pages reflection paper for my nursing capstone. It should be in APA format and reference page. These information should be address in the paper:

In the 6th week I thought I faced all possible accident or issue as a school nurse I supposed to know and how to handle any issue. It was interesting that every week I face new situation that needs different intervention. During my 6th week, a 3rd grade boy came to nursing office with his right hand in hard cast. He got broken bone during weekend as he was playing soccer with his dad. He complained of pain in his fingers that he can’t bend them. I looked at his fingers and the first thing that came to my mind was that he most likely suffering of possible ‘compartment syndrome”. After 4 days being in cast, he got severe pain , swelling fingers without any sensation and bluish color. I talked to my preceptor and immediately called his mom and informed her that this is emergency situation and immediately needs intervene to save his hands of getting permanent damage. Another new case I would like to talk about it is a 7th grade student just diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. My preceptor and I had meeting with his parents, school psychologist, and assistant principal to discuss his situation and come up with a care plan for him during remaining days of school year. I shared all my info about Crohn’s disease and how to help the patient based on what I learned in peds and medsurg class. It was really good experience since I noticed how the parents of the student was happy that their son would be supported and cared by the school staff and even considered extra tutoring for him in case he couldn’t attend all days at school. That diagnosis was new and he needed lots of labs and procedures like colonoscopy which may caused him to miss few schooldays. Even I felt good that I can help even very small and show my interest to care for their son as much as I can. Both those scenarios  were very good and positive experiences to me, it proved me that whatever I learned in nursing school I can use them in real patient and help them. My other intervention that at first I thought it was negative, but at the end I realized I did right thing and turned to be positive is about a fourth grade boy who needs straight cath every day 2 times. Finally he allowed me to supervise him in bathroom when he does straight cath for himself. He did it right, but after he finished it, he refused to flush the toilet and throw the tubes in garbage can. He said you have to do it. I did it, but kind of surprised why during 2 years he does this to himself with supervision of the nurse, never he did this simple thing by himself. I asked my preceptor about that and she told me because I always flush the toilet for him and throw the tube in garbage. I said respectfully to her that I think he should do it by himself , he is 10 years old and need to learn as much as independent as possible. Flushing the toilet is part of this process and when he does the harder part like self straight cath for himself , he can throw it in garbage can or flush the toilet. Of course I didn’t mean to be mean to a 10 years old boy, I just want to help him in a right way. When I brought this issue with the school nurse, I kind of regretted that I wish wouldn’t say that. My preceptor accept my suggestion and next time asked the boy to do those I noticed. Now it is a habit for him and after he is done , he flushes and throw the tube in garbage can. The nurse told me how she is happy that he is doing everything independently. So I felt I did something right by bringing this to her attention, even she is really experienced school nurse and has over a decade experience and also deeply cares for all students, but sometimes we forget something and a small respectful reminder would be beneficial. It is very important to not resist against the truth. I appreciate my preceptor for her great personality and being open mind. Those were my new experiences that should address them in my reflection paper.

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