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This is a replay for a discution to another Student . Do something. Do somthing simply, just add some other imformation you can find about the topic , WITH THE RIGHT REFERENCE. thanks.

here is wat the student did.


Chapter 25

As a culturally and religiously sensitive nurse, how might you explain to this mother why her daughter needs blood?

Being a nurse who is religiously and culturally sensitive, I would advise the mother to highly consider the well- being of her daughter understanding that the blood transfusion is being conducted to save the child’s life. Even if the mother is religiously sensitive and her beliefs are against my convictions, I would offer her a chance to explain the reason she feels that blood transfusion goes against her religious beliefs so that we can arrive at a suitable agreement. The fact that the child has lost a lot of blood from the accident is the main cause of blood transfusion. The procedure would help in replacing the blood cells lost due to excessive bleeding. These blood cells are essential for the survival of an accident patient hence it should be the first remedy.

  What are the ethical issues raised by the mother refusing blood products for her daughter?

The ethical issues revolving around the mother’s refusal for her daughter to go through blood transfusion are based on the faith of Jehovah Witness followers. This group believes it is against the Bible to directly consume or receive blood-related products referring to the phrase in the book of Genesis and Leviticus which suggests that people should not consume the blood contained in a living creature. Their religious interpretation of these phrases differs from the rest and these believers are not supposed to accept and receive blood from other people (Klein et al., 2019). This is the main issue raised by the mother the reason she refuses any blood products to be injected into her daughter.

  If the mother continued to refuse to allow her daughter to receive blood products, as a provider, what would you do?

The laws governing the interpretation of culture and religion in the nursing sector allow adults to make decisions concerning their health. However, parents are not fully allowed to make critical decisions for their children in case they go contrary to the beliefs and practices of nurses and doctors. In the event when the mother continues to refuse this procedure to be carried out, I would continue with it because the child’s health is solely the responsibility of a nurse. Blood transfusion is an important procedure hence it would be my mandate to saving the child’s life.

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