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britney rodriguez(May 17, 2018 11:23 PM)– Read by: 1 as ReadReply to This Message Reply

Good evening

I hope all is well! The most important things a parent should be looking for when deciding placement in a preschool, are that play, specifically make-believe play, is incorporated, that there is an adequate amount of activities aimed towards boosting language development, that artistic activities are encouraged, and that the child’s environment will be safe, and caring. Make-believe play is beneficial to children, as it represents a child’s thought processes, and bolsters those processes, and social skills (CHFD308 Lesson 7, n.d.). Boosting a child’s language development is crucial during their early ages, as it is necessary for a child to understand language prior to communicating it (CHFD308 Lesson 7, n.d.). It is a large part of the arts preschoolers should be learning, aiding in their overall development (Branka, Matjaz, & Tomaz, 2015). The encouragement of art enables imagination, and creativity, which help develop a child’s cognition (Branka, Matjaz, & Tomaz, 2015). Additionally, an environment that is caring and safe equates to a healthy learning environment, free of stress, and full of support.

Parents evaluate skill development with regards to problem solving, make-believe and artistic activities within a preschool, by observing their children’s actions in certain situations, or when playing by themselves, or with others. Parents understand the abilities their children have prior to them attending preschool, as they recall what they have taught them. If children are seemingly able to work through problems better than they did prior to preschool, or if they are tapping into their imaginations and playing make-believe, or utilizing their artistic abilities more-so, or better, than it would be safe to say that their skills are increasing, from attending preschool. However, if there is no change, then the preschool curriculum should be reevaluated by the parents.

Looking at this development is very important for evaluation, as it is a way parents can be aware of the benefit of said preschool curriculum. Looking at these things can help parents decide if their child is benefitting in said preschool, or not. Thank you for reading, have a great night!


Britney Rodriguez


Branka, C., Matjaz, M., Tomaz, Z. (2015). Preschool teaching Staff’s Opinion on the Importance of Preschool Curricular Fields of Activities, Art Genres and Visual Arts Fields ProQuest.  Retrieved from

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Retrieved from










omer adan(May 16, 2018 11:58 PM)– Read by: 1 as ReadReply to This Message Reply

Finding a preschool for your child may seem to be a simple task, until it is your turn to find the “right” place of early learning for your child to attend. Parents have their own preferences and expectations when it comes to what they may want for themselves and their preschool aged child. While it is true that academics is an important aspect that parents would want in being taught to their child when it comes to selecting a preschool, there are also other elements that parents should consider as well. Academics is one factor parents should look for, the social aspect of being in an environment with toddler children their age and of course licensed teacher(s) that fulfill the number of children in a class. If the preschool environment happens to be tidy and the teachers and staff are welcoming. A source mentions the importance of communication between teachers a parents, “Teachers need to be able to talk with you as easily as they do your child. Aside from being easily approachable, find out if the teachers are available for quick side chats at drop off and pick up” (Friedman 2017). Without communication how would a teacher understand a child’s behavior fully if any conversations arise. Also, parents feel more comfortable being able to chat with a teacher that they leave in their care for several hours a day for months at a time, so communication is a must. Another source mentions that preschool having recess breaks are good for building on cognitive development. “Apart from the obvious physical benefits of aerobic exercise, studies have shown recess also increases cognitive functioning” (Webley 2011). It makes sense that for children to have breaks just as adults do in their workplaces for balance and just letting lose and enjoying the new surroundings they will have to get used to. Parents can evaluate skill development regarding to problem solving, make believe and artistic activities within a preschool by simply doing their research on the preschool’s curriculum and goals for children. Parents can also stop by for a mini tour and/or give the preschool of choice a phone call to learn more on what the they do.


Friedman, A. (2017, July 19). 8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Preschool. Retrieved from

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