Research Article Analysis

For this assignment, the study must be a qualitative or quantitative study relevant to counselling and psychotherapy published in a peer-reviewed and edited journal within the past five years. The student will submit a written critique of the article. Areas to be covered include: a brief introduction of the article and its general purpose; a description of the research question and hypothesis; a description of the study design (including the population, sampling techniques, experimental design and controls); data analysis (including types of data, scales of measure, and statistical tests), conclusions; application; and ethics. This mainly factual section of the paper will be followed by a critique.

The critical analysis will be guided by the specifics of the paper. Examples of issues to be considered are contained in the following questions: Is the design appropriate for the research question or hypothesis? Is the selection of the population and the sampling techniques appropriate to the inferences being sought in the research? Have issues of reliability and validity been addressed, including the adequacy of the controls used? Are the descriptive and inferential statistics provided appropriate to the types of data and overall design? Is this research study ethically accountable, in your opinion? End with a critique the conclusions drawn by the authors and offer any alternative interpretations you may have generated. This paper should be eight to ten pages in length, double spaced, and in APA format with a title page. The only reference that you need will be the article that you are using.

Need a cover page

Critique can be good and bad


% of Grade

Organization and coherence


Evidence and support


Style and mechanics


Analysis and use of course concepts




Some useful materials:

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