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The project assignments aim at preparing a research proposal. Last week we looked at some research article to identify the research problem in each. In each of these articles, the authors presented the problem and also presented a discussion on how their literature is related to their problem. This week we start the first step toward completing the the research proposal project. second research project assignment for this course (NOTE: The research proposal project builds on itself each week and will culminate with your final research proposal submission during Week 7). Ensure you choose your project topic wisely. Use the guidelines provided in every chapter of your textbook to complete this research proposal project. You will use this project for the duration of the course!

Your continues work on this project is subject to your Instructor approval/disapproval that you receive during Week 3. In Week 3, you will take what you started here and build on it.

It is important to understand that the proposal project is not a survey or a summary of topics that interest you, but it involves a research problem that interest you but do not have a solution.

For example Project applications regarding survey cloud computing, internet security, security of the I-phone and/or Smart phones, e-banking are not accepted by your instructor.

Make sure you identify your research problem clearly and explain why you selected it.

As we will learn this week, it is important that the researcher conduct a detailed examination of the existing literature on a subject before proceeding to research design or data collection because it is quite possible that another researcher has already developed an answer to the problem or question. This literature review might answer the problem or question outright, or provide findings that help to narrow or focus the problem or research question.

The result of your own detailed examination of the related literature and how it is related to your research problem will be the task to be performed in week 5 (Project Assignment 4). But for this week it important that you skim through the literature to make sure that your research problem or question is answered by other scholars.

Each student will work on a research project of their choosing throughout the duration of the course. Project work will be conducted independently on the student’s own and NOT in conjunction with other students (i.e. This will be an Individual Project, NOT a Group Project). Therefore, each student should choose a different and unique project. It is important that you choose a research topic that interests you. You may select any research topic of your choosing but it must be at least loosely related to the fields of information technology, information management, information science, or computer science. .

Project Assignment 2: Do not start this assignment till you read Chapters 1 – 3 of your textbook and understand the characteristics of research and how to formulate a research problem.

Identify the research question or questions that you want in answer using the research proposal project for this course. This assignment is the first step in formulating your research problem. Use the Checklist given on page 35 of your textbook to evaluate your selected research problem. Present your research problem clearly by answering these questions, and

  • Explain clearly why you selected this research problem.

Follow the following instructions to get your submission graded:

1. Ensure you follow the grading rubric presented below but do not include it in your submitted file.

2.Upload your essay in a single MS Word document. Then upload the single file. Be sure to label the file with your class number followed by last name and first initial followed by Project Assignment 2. Example “77_Moumen F Project Assignment 2.doc”

3. Submit your project assignment by Day 7 of this week. The assignment forum will close on Day 7.

Grading Rubric for Project Assignment 2 (section I of the Cumulative Course Research Proposal Project

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