Research Proposal




In this 500-600-word, essay-style Research Proposal, you will develop the project that you intend to write about for your final Research Paper for this course. If your Research Proposal is less than this word count, then it is likely you have not fully developed your proposal or adhered to the assignment appropriately, which can severely impact your grade for this assignment.


Please use the below Short proposal to complete the above assignment.  The attachment form must be followed. 

Why are athletes earning more money than academicians?


Life isn’t fair. It can never be, but people need to strive to create fairness in one way or another. Some people say that people need to reap the fruits of their labor. Logically speaking, that would mean that the more relevant efforts a person puts into the services rendered to another person, the more they ought to be remunerated. The purpose of this paper is to justify why the salaries earned between academicians and athletes are worlds apart and what needs to be done in order to bridge the gap in one way or another (Walden, 2008). The intended audience for this paper is people in labor unions and those that determine the salaries of workers in society as they need to reconsider why there is such a huge gap in the money earned by both parties and we shall assume that professional athletes earn more than academicians (Kiley, 2013).


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