research question for this Single Subject Design (SSD) Study is that how does Adult Day Care Service (ADC) affect the mood

Question description

The research question for this Single Subject Design (SSD) Study is that how does Adult Day Care Service (ADC) affect the mood and the social engagement of the isolated senior clients who have only received In-home service?

Task Summary

In this paper, you should identify and outline specific themes in the literature review for the study. As you critically review and synthesize the research literature, you should also discuss the rationale and the theoretical significance of the study. You make an argument based on the research literature, to support the need for the study. The paper should include an assessment of the theoretical, conceptual frameworks, evidence based practices, and controversial issues of the research. An abstract is NOT required. However an APA reference page is required. There is a five page maximum for the literature review.

According to the APA manual, literature reviews are ‘critical evaluations of material that has already been published” (p. 10). In a literature the author:

  • Defines and clarifies the problem
  • Summarizes previous investigations to inform the reader of the state of research
  • Identifies relations, contradictions, gaps, and inconsistencies in the literature
  • Suggest the next step or steps in solving the problem (APA, 2009, p. 10).
  • Please read page 28 in the APA manual for further information on how to write a literature review.

You may organize the content of the literature review in any way but be sure to include the following content:

  1. Introduction – Have an introductory paragraph to provide an overview of the literature review, for example, you could discuss the problem or issue that is focus of the intervention. You may also discuss the macro perspective or significance of the issue, i.e., number of people that are affected by the problem, effects of the problem on the client’s well being, while highlighting the need for the intervention. Discuss the importance of your research topic. Develop these ideas further in subsequent paragraphs. What are the controversies in the field? Make clear which studies fall on either side of the controversy. If there are no controversies, you should describe the research themes in your area of research. (6 points)
  1. Evidence Based Practices – Survey, discuss, and analyze the evidence based interventions and its effect on the identified behavior. You should make a direct connection of the research literature to the proposed intervention and outcome measures. (12 points)
  2. Critical Analysis & Synthesis – As you survey and analyze the research literature, be sure to integrate, synthesize and critically evaluate the current literature. What are the gaps in the research and how will your research contribute to the conceptual and clinical literature? What is the importance of your research question? Your research focus should be justified from a theoretical and clinical perspective. (12 points)
  3. Theory & Practice Model – What is the specific theory that your intervention uses? What specific practice model guides the selection of the a) assessment procedures and intervention; b) your dependent variables? Demonstrate the relationship of the theory to assessment procedures and intervention steps. How does the theory help us understand your client’s problem? Analyze the problem using the tenets of the theory by integrating specific concepts of the theory into your explanation. (12 points)
  1. Research Question & Hypothesis – Identify your research question (based on the protocol that we had discussed in class), and hypothesis/hypothesis in your concluding paragraph. (6 points)

Formatting & Presentation – Coherence, flow of arguments, minimal grammatical, syntax, formatting, or punctuation errors. Students are strongly encouraged to use subheadings for this paper. All research should be included in a fresh references page after the literature review. All prose should be written in APA style (third person) and references should be in accordance with APA format. 1-point deduction per APA formatting error (12 points)

Reflection Paper

In a brief paragraph after the references page, assess the strengths of your paper and areas for remediation. Explain what you thought were the challenges of this assignment and how you worked through them. You may use the first person in the reflection paper. (10 points)

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