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Response 2 Colleagues

Colleague Marla

Colleague  Diane


Your Future Veteran Affair Paper

Respond to at least two colleagues by doing the following:

· Note similarities and differences between how you plan to apply what you have learned and how they plan to apply their knowledge in their field experiences and careers.

· Identify an additional way that your colleagues might find what they have learned useful

APA format





Future at the Veteran Affairs



Due Date

Future at the Veteran Affairs

In the field of social work, it is usually difficult to determine the key principles that one is supposed to live by since this is a line of profession that has diverse applications that all have different entities to them. Similar to personal life skills and personal decisions that one makes to their own lives, social work is part and parcel of how one goes about it on a daily basis Appling all the required code of ethics under the stipulations under NASW (Barsky, 2017). However, there is much more to it than following regulations and settings, it is also paramount to make one’s own choices at all times that best fit the situation. However, at times these choices might require more than thought and experience. Thus, this is where the adoption and application of the skills and knowledge obtained from research can come in handy.

As a social worker, I have been able to understand the methodologies of collecting vital information that is key in determining if a patient or a participant in a program is actually benefiting. This makes it possible to offer better care to the individual and also present my findings to the rest of the team in order to make the necessary changes needed to make the process more efficient. Skills such as the analysis of data/information will be vital in using past records to determine how care is being offered at the VA and how if can ensure this is effectively done (Leonard, 2009). One of the key strategies that I intend in applying as a social worker is the strategy of using a logic model and applying the outcome evaluation strategy in determining the effectiveness of a program or how well the care is being offered and how the vets will be perceiving it. The best form of applying this strategy will be by initiation a regular data collection strategy that will be looking at gaining better understanding of the state o the participants on a regular basis and following up with them even after the program. not only will this offer more commitment to the vets, but it will also make it possible to track the record and performance of the institution.

Working with veterans is not an easy task neither for it requires utmost respect and dedication as well as an increased level of understanding what one is dealing with. As a social worker, the first and most effective skill that would be beneficial will be my communication skills. Having an in-depth connection and interaction with a vet would make it possible to understand them better and also be able to create a better relation (Trevithick, Richards, Ruch & Moss, 2004). On the other hand, understanding the human psychology would also be crucial in tackling cases of PTSD and substance abuse. Gaining a better understanding to mental health and psychiatric aspects through the adoption of the evidence-based literature practice can allow me to comprehend more on the patterns to expect, situations that might result in the patients falling back to their ways and also attaining a better set of information to helping the vets get past the positions there are in (Banks, 2012).


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