Role Of Advocacy Of Self-Care

a description of why advocating for students to engage in self-care is important. How has this class supported self-care? How will you take what you have learned in this course and use it once you start counseling clients? Support your response with the Learning Resources or current literature.

Learning Resources


  • Course Text: Secondary Traumatic Stress: Self-Care Issues for Clinicians, Researchers, and Educators
    • Chapter 11, “Creating Virtual Community: Telehealth and Self Care Updated”
    • Chapter 15, “The Germ Theory of Trauma: The Impossibility of Ethical Neutrality”
  • Course Text: Compassion Fatigue: Coping with Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder in Those Who Treat the Traumatized
    • Chapter 9, “Preventing Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder”
  • Article: Gomez, C., & Yassen, J. (2007). Revolutionizing the clinical frame: Individual and social advocacy practice on behalf of trauma survivors. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 14(1/2), 245–263.
  • Article: Myers, J. E., Sweeney, T. J., & White, V. E. (2002). Advocacy for counseling and counselors: A professional imperative. Journal of Counseling and Development, 80(4), 394–403.
  • Article: Osborne, J. L., Collison, B. B., House, R. M., Gray, L. A., Firth, J., & Lou, M. (1998). Developing a social advocacy model for counselor education. Counselor Education and Supervision, 37(3), 190 – 203.
  • Article: Ratts, M. J. (2008). A pragmatic view of social justice advocacy: Infusing micro level social justice advocacy strategies into counseling practices. Counseling and Human Development, 41(1),1–8.
  • Article: Tesolowski, D. G., Rosenberg, H., & Stein, S. J. (1983). Advocacy intervention: A responsibility of human services professionals. Journal of Rehabilitation, 49(3), 35–38.


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