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Response Paper 3 on chapter 3
Due: Mar 16, 2015, 11:59 PM

Chapter 3

For this assignment, you have to select a place of worship- it could be a church, temple, synagogue, mosque or any other place of worship. Attend one session or service there. You may have to take prior permission before you attend, more so if it is an “unfamiliar” place. Do follow the dress code or whatever rules that apply. You have to observe closely all that is taking place. Mentally brace yourself for memorizing details.

After this experiment, you have to describe in a detailed manner, the material culture that you saw – like the structure, colours, decorations, idols or statues, mentioning as much physical details as possible.

Record also the symbolic culture that you saw- what was said, done, sung and carried out ( text and script) in the time of your observation. Focus on the actual activity taking place at the center stage as well as the side lines. Analyze your field experience and include the answers to the bulleted questions on page 79 of your text book. Your paper has to be within 300-600 words. Use socological terms p.79 questions are attached below

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