Servant leadership and internal consistency II

Provide a response at least 50 words to the answer in apa format with in-text citations:A servant leader that I have had that was internally consistent with their words and actions is my current leader. She is consistent with her words and her service to her direct reports. She makes all of us feel valued and respected. She gives us autonomy to be our own leaders and make decisions without feeling that we need to run everything by her. Her motto is to serve the patients first. If we act on patient service first the rest will work itself out. She is continually asking for our ideas and feedback. We are very active in the decision making in our areas. As a servant leader she continuously mentors’ others and encourages furthering education. Although she is supportive and serves next to us, we are also held accountable for our actions and decisions. The biggest characteristic of this leader is that she serves the community first. She encourages service programs that require volunteering and that result in services to the community. Her biggest event that she does every year is coming up next weekend. This is a 5K walk/run for women and children. All proceeds go to our local Children’s Miracle Network. This is a great community event and we all work the event to make this happen. As you can see this leader is not focused on power or authority as a secular leader. She is not focused on herself nor in power of her role. (DelHousaye & Brewer, 2004).DelHousaye, D., & Brewer, B. (2004). Servant Leadership—Seven Distinctive Characteristics. Scottsdale: SBC Press.Original Question:Servant leaders must be internally consistent with their words and actions. Describe a mentor that you have had that displayed this kind of credibility. Share an example of what you witnessed from this person. Based on the text, contrast your response to the secular view of power.

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