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Please accept this assignment knowing you can do this and answer all questions please!!!!!!! Please apply answer under the questions, because too many tutors have answered “all” questions and then I have to go back and ask them for the answer to this or that question and they’re gone from the computer and time gets delayed, thanks.

Your research proposal for your Capstone Project should be written on a topic in which you feel an investment and that also is relevant to fields within the social sciences.  What relevance does this issue have in your own life?  Does it relate to your interests, and if so, how does it relate?  What is your connection to the population you are researching?  If the issue does not have relevance to you or you do not have a connection with the population, explain why not.  What is the goal of your research?  Are you using your research for the good of this population or solely for the enhancement of knowledge in general?  Which is more important and why?  Are they both equally important?


Your Capstone Project will focus on a specific sample population for future research.  In this discussion, you will need to do two things.  First, explain the attributes of the sample population that you plan to study.  Then explain the research methodology you will use to study that population.  Will you use a quantitative approach, qualitative approach, or a mixture of both?  Which approach do you find most valuable and why?

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