Social And Language Development

Write observation report on social and language development of infant who is less than 30 months. Child you are observing can be your relatives or from any child care center.
The following information should be included in each report:

1. Child’s Age (in months) and Gender

2. Observations of development in the assigned domain(s)

a. Include several descriptions of what the child does, says, etc., that are relevant to

the domain you are observing.

3. Assessment/evaluation of the child’s developmental progress in the assigned


a. Based on your observations and information from Fogel, assess and evaluate the

child’s developmental progress. Connect your observations to information on

typical development from the text, and formulate an educated opinion on how the

child is progressing. Use your observations and information from the text to

support your opinion.

b. End your paper with an overall assessment of the child’s progress in the particular


4. References

a. A reference for Fogel must be included.

b. You are allowed to consult other scholarly sources, but this is not required. If you

do use additional sources, they must be included on your References page.

5. Objective observation notes

a. These must be typed and included after your References page. They can be in

your preferred notes format (e.g., bullet points, outline, etc.).

b. Points will be deducted if notes are not sufficient enough to indicate a 2-hour long

observation was completed.


Minimum 500 words, NOT including observation notes

APA 6th Edition Formatting (including title page, running head, etc. No abstract required.)
1” margins

12 point Times New Roman


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