social work term paper

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Example Questions for 2hr interview with Social Worker:

– Without considering the formal definition of Social Work, what is Social Work to you?

social work to me is to support my client by empowering them to resolve some issues, you don’t find the solution for them. we don’t know the solution, support them and guide them.

– What inspired you to go on the path of this career?

I like this career to be able to work with people, work with human beings, work with feelings, solve my clients problems, I like challenges and I found myself, I am good dealing with challenges. There are two things, when you have a simple path you don’t find your strength, you find your strength when you find challenges.

– What areas of Social Work have you worked in?

Every area, domestic violence, child abuse, community education and prevention but mostly child abuse.

– What was the part that you liked the most?

Empowerment and support, I like that part because when you empower and you support you endorse people to think and raise there self esteem to find there way and to find themselves.

– Do you still work as a Social Worker?

I do this work everyday even at home.

– For how many years?

25 years

– What was/has been the hardest part of your experience?

Culture, dealing with cultural issues, being in America, you try to do your work but you are dealing with cultural issues. Is one of the most difficult issues. I am a mandated reporter, everything has to be confidential except for three things, silent witnesses which means elderly abuse, child abuse because I have to call CPS, and if the client is thinking of suicide. Those are the three things I can never keep confidential.

– How do/did you cope with your personal difficult experience along with the difficult stories of your clients?

Self care, you as a social care worker, you have to be careful, I take everything personal but I don’t take anything personal against anybody. What happens in social work, you need to find a coping mechanism, its a difficult job, its not a regular job where you can clock in and clock out and go home then you repeat the day of working a nine to five job. Sometimes the social work problems come home with you, be careful to not open the door from the emotional part of the social work job you need to separate yourself from the personal emotions. You need to find your own ways to deal with some of the difficulty if not you will quit after five years. My colleague quit after 24 hours because he couldn’t find self care or find a self mechanism to help him relieve the stress from the social work. If I’m too stressed out from work, I will go walking, call my daughter see if she is free and go walking with her but I never go walking but I go walking some where or to a retail stores just to burn the negative energy. Self care is the key for working as a social worker. Its a life changing career, you help people and save peoples lives.

– What do you recommend in terms of self care?

Take a vacation, I went to Mexico to relax and meditate, I meditated for a week. My cat makes me happy, chocolate, or cry your feelings out.

– What worked for you?

mediation, loneliness, calmness, walking, socializing, and talking to people.

– Knowing what you know now, what would you do if you were in my shoes?

I would go back and get my masters in Social work because I would be a licensed social worker, if you are going that far don’t stop. After you get your bachelors degree don’t stop just keep going for your master degree but I wish I finished my requirement hours.

the company’s webstie

i did most of the volunteer hours was about parenting classes so i translate to clients about what the social worker was talking about

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